Balanced Diet

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Outline the nutritional requirements of a healthy diet for children and young people In a balanced diet we have to include the following requirements, which are called nutrients to help with normal growth, development, to protect against disease and to fuel and maintain the body’s vital functions: * Carbohydrates

* Protein
* Vitamins and minerals
* Fats
All are important as they all do a job for us which help keep us fit and healthy and feeling well. We need food to provide energy for physical activity and to maintain body temperature, to provide material for the growth of body cells and for the repair and replacement of damaged body tissues. For children we need high energy food for good health and diet. In carbohydrates they help provide energy for the body. There are three main types of carbohydrates which are starches, sugar and fibre. Protein rebuilds and repairs muscle in the human body. Vitamins and minerals help fight off any sort of illness and last but not least fat which help your keep warm. These nutritional requirements are found in food from five food groups which you need to get the right balance. These are: * Fruit and vegetables

* Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta
* Meat, fish eggs and beans
* Food and drinks high in fat or sugar or both
* Milk and dairy products
Requirements are for a variety of foods and on ones that reduce high fat and sugar foods and increase those that are more filling and have more nutrients.
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