Balanced Budget

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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A balanced budget will lead to a stronger economy and more jobs. Our government should try to maintain the value of dollar in the market. If the value of dollar appreciates, people will trust US market. This will motivate companies to invest and put more money into growth it will be longer lasting. More jobs will be created. If the value of dollar depreciates then it will lead to unemployment. People will not be able to pay for gas and food and the price will inflate more. Now the goal of our govt. should be how they could have stable govt.?

The problem with the economy today is the big National Debt. The higher the debt the slower the economy grows. It is just like when we have huge credit card debt; we cannot go out or have fun because we have to pay the interest on the debt. Another problem with the economy is the money supply. As we print more money to support the economy, we make the chance of inflation greater. So now, we have high unemployment because the economy is not growing fast enough. The government is printing more money and adding to the debt to stimulate the economy. The only way we can cover this up by lowering the unemployment and help to grow the economy. We can do that by lowering taxes on Corporations, not the rich, but Corporations and allowing them to grow and hire more employees. The more people that are employed the more people can start building wealth and more people will be paying taxes. I think we should consider shrinking the size of the government and balancing the budget so that we can start lowering the National Debt.
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