Balance Sheet and Income Statement

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Individual Assignment: Balance Sheet and Income Statement Commentary

Publicly traded companies are entities that are allow for the offering of its registered securities. This allows them to become traded over a one stock exchange or over the counter market. This process allows for companies to gauge how much the company is truly worth compared to other companies in the same field or overall. This gives some inherent advantages over some of the privately traded ones such as being able to reach debt markets and the selling of future equity. However, this also takes away from the overall control from the majority of its owners and company founders. There are many different types of companies that fall under this category. They range from anywhere between trucking to retail and anything in between. These companies are traded constantly with their stocks going up and down based on how people feel about the company. The four areas that are focused in this paper are manufacturing, trucking, retail (grocery), and mortgages.

AEP Industries Inc. (AEPI) is a manufacturing company that develops ways to package different things. The company prides itself on the plastic is creates and uses for this process. This company is very similar to that of Riordan Manufacturing. Both companies have develop their own plastic materials that are used for different things. According to the Balance Sheet, The shareholders’ equity dipped in 2011 and rose drastically in 2012. This is most likely do to the increase of assets and liabilities. In the Income Statement, the overall gross profit increased from 2011 to 2012 by over 50,000. The net income also almost doubled from 2011 to 2012. Though the trade value of this company’s stock has dropped to .21 under the profit line, the company has continued to show growth from year to year.

AMERCO (UHAL) is a company that specializes in trucking/transporting items across any distance. It gives most of its power to the...
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