Balance of Payment of Malaysia

Topics: Malaysia, Current account, Balance of payments Pages: 56 (16930 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Letter of Transmittal
21st January, 2012.
Dr. M. Masud Rahman
Faculty of Business Studies
Department of Finance,
University of Dhaka.

Subject: Submission of Report on “Balance of Payment on Malaysia”.

Here is the report on “Balance of Payment on Malaysia” that you have asked us to conduct. To prepare this report we had to focus on the balance of payment of Malaysia. We tried to bring out the trend of different accounts which make the balance of payment of it. We also tried to bring out the movement of foreign exchange and the possible reasons of this movement. We thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to work on this report which added value to our learning process. We tried our best to prepare this report fault free. Any query regarding the report will be appreciated.

Respectfully yours,
Nadira Parvin
On behalf of Group-11,
M. B. A. 12th Batch,
Faculty of Business Studies
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka.


In the different steps of preparing this report, we want to give thanks to our course teacher Dr. M. Masud Rahman for providing us proper guidelines to prepare the report. We also thank him, for assigning us such a practical report that has boosted our knowledge from different aspects.

First of all we want to give our thanks to the almighty Allah for the timely completion of this report. To conduct this report, we have got support from our course instructor. So, our special thanks go to our course instructor Dr. M. Masud Rahman. We got immense support from him and without his support it was very difficult for us to write such a report.

The preparation of this report is a requirement of the course on “Foreign Exchange & International Risk Management”. Dr. M. Masud Rahman, professor of Finance Department at Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, who is also the course instructor of “Foreign Exchange & International Risk Management”, has assigned us a report regarding Balance of Payment of Malaysia. This report has been assigned to the students of MBA 12th batch.

The primary objective of this study is the partial fulfillment of the course requirement. The main objectives of this report are as follows: To fulfill the partial requirement of the course “Foreign Exchange & International Risk Management” offered in MBA program. The collateral purpose of this report is to acquire the knowledge of Balance of Payment, Foreign exchange movement of a country. It will also enable us to improve our skills on report writing. As corporate executive put great value on report writing as an important element in management success, this part of the course will prepare us to face the future challenges of corporate world. It will also help us to develop our analytical capability.

Processing of Data:
Data has been processed with the help of Microsoft Excel.
Analysis of Data:
Data are analyzed and interpreted using various analytical techniques and different analytical software. We also use various statistical tools for analysis.

Limitations of the report
The major limitations encountered are:
The major limitation of this study is the limited data which are not adequate to analysis properly. Lack of time.
Lack of experience is another constraint.

Executive Summary
This report is about Balance of Payment of Malaysia. The overall BOP position of Malaysia remained at a deficit for the year 2010. In the first part of the report the economic condition of Malaysia has been discussed. Malaysia is a developing country with a satisfactory growth rate in Asia region. The country has a good economic relation with many countries in the world. So the condition of balance of payment is very much important for a country like Malaysia. In the report the overall balance of payment situation of Malaysia has been discussed along with the condition...
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