Baking: Mise in Place

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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The act of placing a food such as a dough or other unbaked pastry in oven where dry heat cooks the food. Mise in place - getting everything ready and in its place
Organizational Skills Needed for Baking
* Reading the recipe carefully
* Identifying tools and/or equipment needed
* Gathering all necessary ingredients, tools, and equipment close to the work area * Preparing the pans
* Measuring properly
* Practising good sanitation
Baking Tool and Equipment
* Baguette Pan
* Bain Marie
* Baker’s Peel
* Bannetton - Is a woven basket made of coiled reed or willow various shapes and sizes. * Bench Scraper - Used to cut and scale pieces of dough
* Coupler
* Double Boiler
* Electric Mixer
* False Bottom Tart Pan
* Grater
* Loaf pan
* Metal Cake Ring
* Microplane zester
* Muffin Tin
* Offset Spatula
* Parchment Paper
* Pastry Bag
* Pastry Brush
* Ramekin
* Sieve or Strainer
* Sifter
* Spring Form Pan
* Silicone Baking Pan
* Squirt Bottle
* Tube Pan
* Zester

Grains have been the most important staple food in the human diet since prehistoric times. * Triticum dioccum – the earliest form of wheat used in bread making. * Confectionary – transforming sugar into sweets; it also refers into candy making. * Baking and confectionary were the first labor activities organized into special trades. * The Gauls, the modern ancestors of French had developed the first controlled source of yeast. * Bread is the most important food of this time.

* In this time Honey was the important sweetener.
* Sugarcane was the source of the refined sugar that mostly Europeans at this considered this as a rare and expensive luxury item. * Honey was the first concentrated sweeter widely used.
Guild system – was a method of organizing the production of sale and goods produce outside the home. There were different culinary...
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