Baking and Electric Oven

Topics: Baking, Want, Barbecue Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: October 1, 2012
50,Lake Garden, 45000 Ipoh, Perak.

1 June 2012. Dear My Lovely brother,
How are you?I hope you are doing well.When are you coming back home again?Well, actually I am writing this letter because I need your help. As you know,mother’s birthday is just around the corner.I want to buy her a birthday gift.I have two items in my mind.They are an electric oven and digital camera.I saw these two items in an advertisement in the newspaper. The electric oven costs RM520.00.It is very convenient for Mum to bake a cake and biscuits.It also has a multi-purpose function.Other than baking,the oven can be used for girling chicken and meat.It can also be used to make a toast and even bake fresh bread.The oven is also easy to clean after use. As for the digital camera,it also costs RM520.00.It is fully automatic and can produce clear pictures.It is small and easy to carry because a free pouch will be given.It is very handy. After thinkinig for a long time,finally I have decided to choose the electric oven as the birthday gift for Mum.I am sure she will be very happy to receive it.Last year,when she wanted to bake some biscuts during Hari Raya,her old oven did not function properly.In fact,she was grumbling the whole day about her burnt biscuits.She said she must get a new oven soon. Last year too,mum received a camera from her brother for her birthday.However,she used it only a few times.After that,the camera was left lying in her cupboard.Any way,Mum is not kind of person who likes to use electronic produts.So I think that she will not like if I buy a camera for her this time. As you know,we would be...
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