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Baking Pleasure°

Bakery Report 2010



Welcome to Bakery Report 2010
With this Bakery Report we wish to provide our stakeholders with a detailed and varied picture of our company. Join us for a closer look at our international bakery business and see how we choose to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Enjoy the reading!

Lantmännen Unibake Bakery Report 2010 Printed in 5,000 copies. Editor: Monica Klepp Bjerrum, Lantmännen Unibake. Local parts edited in local units. Design: Esben Niklasson Print: Datagraf AS April 2010

Bakery Report 2010






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Our values

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Our customers & markets

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Our feel safe philosophy

Value adding services

Mission Possible

Taking actions on climate

Our products & brands

The smell of success

Streamlining the production

CEO Statement

People, knowledge and international cooperation

Lantmännen Unibake is a leading international bakery group with expertise in bakery products for foodservice and retail. We solve tomorrow’s challenges in the bakery business, and we set new standards for the possibilities with bread. All based on a desire to bake pleasure into people’s lives.


Our company in brief

3,800 Employees 18 Countries 25 Bakeries 727 mEuro turnover 2009 85 Bakery lines 400,000 Tonnes of bread each year

Part of the Lantmännen Group

The Lantmännen Unibake Corporate Structure
CEO: Bent Pultz Larsen

President & Group CEO Legal affairs Strategy & Business Development, R&D

Corporate Support Functions

Agriculture Sector

Machinery Sector

Energy Sector

Food Sector Lantmännen Kronfågel Lantmännen Cerealia Lantmännen Doggy Lantmännen Unibake

Frozen Bread Business Production Denmark Sweden Norway Finland UK Germany Belgium Poland Russia USA

Fresh Bread Business Denmark Poland Production

Sales offices Spain Holland France Canada Partly owner Japan Bakehouse, UK Bakehouse, Australia Leibur, Estonia Associate company Korea

Bakery Report 2010


Our Values
Based on three values we have developed into a large international group, taking responsibility and getting things done with a straightforward and uncomplicated attitude. We call it The Unibake Way, and the values guide us in solving any challenge big or small. We keep our promises · To our customers, employees, owners, suppliers and the world around us. We keep it simple · Our attitude is uncomplicated and so are our solutions. We are entrepreneurs · With individual commitment and local initiatives we make new ideas come alive.

Our customers

In-store bakeries, service stations, restaurants, hotels, cafés, coffee shops, canteens, retail chains, catering and food service companies.

Our markets

International markets: Leading position on frozen bread in several markets. The world’s no. 2 in production of frozen bakery products. Local markets: Local market leader in frozen and fresh products. Strong niche positions.

Baking Pleasure°
For us, baking is much more than producing quality food products. We are inspired by the ambition to bake pleasure into people’s everyday lives. We see pleasure as moments of happiness, little moments that make each day enjoyable. Our products and solutions are developed to help you create such moments. That is the core of our business idea. The green sprout on our packages guarantees responsibly produced food. Good Food that we make an effort to provide in a sustainable manner. Owned by 40.000 Swedish farmers, Lantmännen focus the entire group and its resources on R&D and sustainable development to be a strong and long-term partner, taking responsibility for the entire chain from field to fork.


Our company in brief

Value adding services
Baking is, of course, our core expertise. We strive to add value to our customers, and for this we offer a number of services that make it easy to build just the right product and...
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