Bakery Business Plan

Topics: Baking, Management, Cake Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Bakery Business Plan
Teresa Horner
Bus - 210
February 17, 2013
Thomas Foy

Bakery Business Plan T & J Bakery is a business that I will be using for my Business plan. My husband and I have starting a business called T&J Bakery. We started a bakery because, I enjoy baking and my husband decide one day that we want everyone else to enjoy the taste of our homemade desserts and said, let’s open a business of our own. So that everyone could enjoy these tasty homemade cakes, cupcakes, pies an even cookie. We decided that we were going partnership since both of us will be managing the business together. We agree since that it will be a partnership we will both start with a capital of $5,000.00 each so that will make it $10,000.00 in startup money. As of right now we have $6,000.00 since August 2012. If any part in our business were we feel that we need the help we might just get another partner. He is always saying that I can really bake anything that I prepare in the kitchen. So, right now we are working out of our home until we can triple our capital then will build our business to a store front. If T&J Bakery happens to go bankrupt we would have to make some kind of arrangement to take a loan out or even bring someone else in as a partner. On the other hand we can keep a certain amount of the profit to the side in case we get into a situation my husband and I can get our self’s out of that mess. Our bakery if founded by Teresa & Maurice Horner in 2012 at the location in Burlington, North Carolina in our home for now. We are wanted to move into town of Burlington were all the other business are but there is no bakery for miles. It’s a two person team right now but will add to the team as the business gets busy and poplar. In doing that we will sky rocket our revenue and other people will get to taste our famous homemade desserts. I...
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