Bakery and Bread Talk

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Analysis of Bread Talk’s Marketing Strategies
Bread Talk started up in Singapore in 2000, which gives priority to invest bread and cake shop with high-quality goods. It’s also the first brand of bread and cake industry in Singapore. In 2002, Bread Talk has owned more than 80% of the popularity in people of Singapore, meanwhile, it has been honored with the best brand, the most famous brand, the most potential enterprise and so on. In 2003, Bread Talk was allowed to come into the stock exchange of Singapore. It has set up 23 stores in Singapore in just a few years. Each shop designs with modern interior decoration, the most spectacular and compare with other bakeries which manage with general factory distribution mode, the difference is that all Bread Talk shops have independent open kitchen. All products” now baked, now sell”, in order to provide fresh food. The work space display to customers makes assistants, customers and goods can communicate directly. The more important point is that Bread Talk is a service oriented brand not a production oriented brand. Nowadays, Bread Talk has become popular throughout the Singapore and makes a miracle of achievement. In addition, the bakery was also founded in other 7 Asia countries. An analysis of 4 environmental factors that affects the business of the Bread Talk Integrated Economic Markets

The textbook of Management (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, p. 60) claimed that,” The objective of economic integration is to reduce or eliminate barriers to the free flow of goods, services, labor, capital, and other inputs of production between member nations”. Bread Talk as a listed company in Singapore which is a member of ASEAN and APEC can make full use of those resources from other countries. Besides, due to the integrated economic markets, Bread Talk can set up more shops in the corners of the world and then get more profit. Global Consumer Preferences

For the food industry, global consumer preferences have an...
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