Baker's Kiss

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I. Introduction
It became Baker’s kiss because it aims to attract the customers especially couples. Baker’s kiss believes that in every minute you cook or bake something, it should always come from the heart and with love. The kiss is a symbol of love that’s why it is called Baker’s kiss. Baker’s kiss provides customers with a selection of breads and pastry items for breakfast until dinner. The establishment is similar to but not necessarily synonymous with bakeries, while a bakery may also be a pastry shop, a pastry shop might not include all the inventory of a bakery, such as customized cakes, pies of special breads. This allows patrons to sit and eat or enjoy their pastries with a cup of coffee. Conversely, they may lack seating and serve primarily customers wishing for a special dessert for a dinner party of occasions. II. History

Five years ago, there were 9 college students were graduated at the same course BS HRM. This 9 college students were all friends, they set a reunion to see each other again and to talk about the dream that they all wanted to-- to put up a Bakeshop. These 9 students were all pastry lovers, so they decided to put up a bakeshop. They think together a name and recognize that the best name to their bakeshop is “BAKER’S KISS”. Because they believe that in every minute you cook or bake something, it should always comes from the heart and with love. Kiss is the symbol of love, and Baker is the one who give love to the customer by giving good service and quality food.
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