Baidu and Naver

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Baidu is a Chinese web Services Company, it offers many services, including a Chinese search engine for websites, audio files, and images. Also offers 57 search and community services including Baidu Baike, an online collaboratively-built encyclopedia, and a searchable keyword-based discussion forum. (

One strength of this company is its ability to cope with tens of thousands of Chinese characters. Written Japanese uses many of the same characters as written Chinese, and that plays to Baidu's biggest advantage over Western rivals. (Einhorn, Bruce). This strength is a differentiation strategythat give a Baidu a competitive advantage.

Among Baidu’s strategies was the introduction a new technology, the "box computing" platform, which is a simple and reliable interactive mode for Internet services. With this platform users could ask for whatever they wanted and enter their needs in the search box and all Internet-based application demands would be directly satisfied by this "box" in the future. (Xinhua). Other Baidu's strategy is to win by sharply focused on Chinese search. The management think only by doing that, Baidu can be unbeatable because Chinese is only 5% in Google's index. By that measure, Google needs twenty times more effort in updating it than Baidu's. (Maaoxianjia)

Baidu has a huge competitive advantage in providing censored results because that allows them to tailor search results to the actual place their users live, rather than a nearby special administrative region. Baidu will be able to grow a much more robust local search product, especially one that serves local content based on the user's IP address, something Google is usually able to do quite well, but which they will not be able to offer in its full force to Chinese citizens in the current situation.

Naver is a popular search portal in South Korea, with a market share of over 70%, compared to 2% of Google. Among Naver's features is "Comprehensive Search which...
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