Bahrain Bay

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Development, Bahrain Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: November 24, 2010
Bahrain Bay: Building Customer Relations for the Future

1. What are Bahrain Bay’s four foundational philosophies, and how might they be used as marketing tools?

A) Focusing on scale and aesthetics
Bahrain Bay is the first ambitious project of its kind for the Kingdom of Bahrain. Since the working in close association with planners, architects and developers the aim is to create a world-class destination which blends perfectly with its surrounding environment. Diversity of style and design is of paramount importance in creating an environment which is stimulating, surprising and alive.

B) Social equity
Investments in social equity based on the philosophy that today we get to believe that the future of Bahrain Bay to serve as another tool to be marketed. In order to add to the rich legacy of the Kingdom of Bahrain it is vital to create a place where opportunities exist for all. Where developers’ and residents’ interests meet and Middle East real estate investment proves a profitable exercise.

C) Community Fabric
The project will be a mix of commercial, residential, and retail units. It aims to develop a self-governing and self-sustaining community, supporting an exceptional quality of life for residents, businesses, and investors alike. Bahrain Bay are creating varied and distinctive districts and neighborhoods. A rich cultural and artistic scene will surely develop. Together, these will create many opportunities to form the ties that truly unite a community. As a result, Bahrain Bay aims to provide a quality of life that might otherwise take years to create.

D) Tomorrow’s Environment
Bahrain Bay aims to create a development that respects its unique environment and shows its commitment to sustainability. Using state of the art technologies in its construction and infrastructure it is the intention to make Bahrain Bay a development that will safeguard the region’s environmental well-being for generations to come....
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