Bahay Kubo Movie Review

Topics: Family, Adoption, Maricel Soriano Pages: 5 (1205 words) Published: October 7, 2012

“BAHAY KUBO” a provincial girl named Eden lives in a very simple and normal life in a nipa hut or BAHAY KUBO at a province. She lives here with her best friend Marang and her mother Lola Ida and when she married perry and started a family with a biological daughter and 6 other adopted children things went wrong and becomes complicated. All of the tests about their family happens in that very BAHAY KUBO they lived in and that is why the title of the film is BAHAY KUBO.

The adopted mother of Lily, Dahlia, JR, Jasmine, Violet and Daisy and the wife of Perry.

Husband of Eden.

Marang and Habagat
Marang is the bestfriend of Eden and Habagat is the suitor of Marang.

Lola Ida
She is the mother of Eden.

She is the one and only real daughter of Perry and Eden and
she always have a rivalry on her adopted sibling lily.

She was the first one that Eden adopted.

She was the second one that Eden adopted and she wants to become a famous star someday.

He is the only boy and the third person that Eden adopted.

Jasmine and Violet
The fourth and Fifthe person that Eden adopted the 2 girls are real sister in which eden adopted.

She is the very last person that Eden adopted and the youngest. PLOT
Eden is a loving and responsible mother. She and her husband, Perry decided to take care of seven children. One of them is their biological daughter, Rose and the other six are adopted. The couple did their best to care and provide for their family. Perry gets lucky in business so much so that the couple decide to move to Manila. Unfortunately, their happy and peaceful life starts to crumble when Perry's business begins to fail because his business partner took all of the money assigned for their projects. His feelings of frustration lead him to leave his family. Along with Perry's absence are the complications that start to surface, prompting several tearful separations, disagreements between siblings, conflicts between the adopted and real children and other family matters.

The film is set in a modern era and the scenes in the film is set in some of the provincial and urban areas in the philippines showing Nipa Hut’s and other places in Manila and Bulacan.

Using the Deep Focus Style, scenes in the film obtains a great focus and clarity and also the transitions from one scene to another is simple. The film used the establishing shot which is an extreme long shot that shows the entire space in which the ensuing scene takes place there are also Flashbacks in which a scene is jump in narrative time from the present. In short the cinematography displayed by this film is perfect making the scenes dramatic and comedic.

Resemblance: The promotional materials of Regal Films' "Bahay Kubo" (literally "Nipa Hut") herald it as a "Pinoy Mano Po". But any resemblance between this Maricel Soriano-starrer and those series of faux Fil-Chinese films which overstayed their welcome at five installments ends with producer Lily Monteverde and the same melodrama that offers nothing more but improbable situations with superficial conflicts capped by overly manipulated resolutions.. Directed by Joel Lamangan

Produced by Rosselle Monteverde-Teo
Music by Von De Guzman
Editor: Marya Ignacio

The Screenplay or script of this film was created by Suzette Doctolero a Filipino television writer and film writer. She is a resident writer of GMA Network. Her most famous works are Encantadia Saga and Amaya.

The theme of the film is about close family ties either blood related or not and how are you going to pass and solve the different problems related to a family with a bunch of adopted kids and an absent father.


Man vs man:
Because of unwanted circumstances of the failed business of Perry, the relationship of him and his wife struggles. Also Sibling Rivalry between Rose and Lily....
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