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Human Resource holds a vital role in globalization in the organization. A іmрοrtаnt function of a global human resource manager іѕ to shape a culture of developing external It's essential that global human resource managers facilitate the integration of internal functional (i.e., international human resource management) and cross functional (i.e., global marketing, R&D and operations) relationships within the various competency centers of the global organization (Mudambi & Helper 1998). Moreover, the expanded number of relationships needed a both the internal and external global network settings further increases the complexity of establishing an appropriate global human resource system (Zucker 1987). In an environment in which business competes is rapidly becoming globalized. More and more companies are entering international markets by exporting their products overseas, building plants in other countries, and entering into alliances with foreign companies. Global competition is driving changes in organizations throughout the world. Companies are attempting to gain a competitive advantage, which can be provided by international expansion. Deciding whether to pierce foreign markets and whether to develop plants or other facilities in other countries is no easy matter and many human resource issues surface. Doing business globally requires that adaptations be made to reflect cultural and other factors that vary from country to country and from continent to continent. The nature and steadiness of political systems vary in character and stability, with contracts suddenly becoming unenforceable because of internal political factors. Human resource regulations and laws vary among countries in character and detail. There are several risks as well as benefits that Human Resource mangers face due to globalization. Globalization will impact HR managers & employees in numerous ways; the ability to acquire new skills such as language capabilities. For ex. in order to recruit employees from other cultures HR managers will either have to learn new languages or they will have to have foreign speaker on staff; which comes at high price. In order to facilitate communication among people coming from a unrestrained range of language backgrounds, in most multinationals, it is preferred to speak English. Human Resource will take into account cultural differences that shape managerial attitudes, when developing multinational management programs. For ex, British managers value individual achievement and autonomy, whereas French managers appreciate competent supervision, fringe benefits, security and comfortable conditions, while Indian managers gives more importance of their culture and tradition. HR managers must familiarize themselves with various cultural norms to promote organization diversity. An organization that recognizes and promotes cultural diversity will benefit because it will be employing the market that it serves. With increasing globalization and competition within the market, a diverse workforce is conducive to attracting and retaining a strong client base. HR professionals must be responsible for providing cultural sensitivity training for the organizations employees and for managers throughout the entire organization. (Czebter & Anamaria, 2002) Human Resource holds firm responsibility of developing and acquiring effective practices throughout their department and organization. Equal employment legislation exists to varying degrees; in some countries, laws address issues such as employment discrimination and sexual harassment. Cultural forces represent another important concern affecting international human resource management. Culture is composed of the societal forces affecting the values, beliefs, and actions of a distinct group of people. (Mathis & Jackson, 171) Cultural differences certainly exist between nations, but also between countries. Getting individuals from different ethic or tribal backgrounds...
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