Baguio Educational Trip

Topics: Meteorology, Radio, Radar Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: September 23, 2012
After six hours of travel from Manila, finally we reached Burnham Park, Baguio City and from there we will start our educational tour. The PAGASA’s Radar Station at Mt. Sto Tomas is the first stop in our travel itinerary. It is a two hour drive from Burnham Park via jeepney. On our way to the radar station, we never got bored because we saw many breath-taking views. For a first timer like me, it is really a great opportunity to witness such beauty so I grabbed the chance to take a picture of some. We were surprised to know that the radar station is really on the top of the mountain. And it really is it! When we got there a meteorologist from PAGASA gave us a lecture about radars and discussed their latest technology in weather system. We learned many things about radars and weather systems. We learned that there are many uses of radar like weather surveillance and tracks incoming typhoons; detection of over speeding vehicles, hostile missile and enemies; air controller and helps the pilot to land safely. PAGASA uses their latest automatic weather system which involves Doppler radar. They use a 14 ft parabolic antenna with 18 ft fiber glass radium and have a range of 480 km radius with 850 watts. PAGASA also have stations in Cebu, Subic, Tagaytay, Aparri, Basco and Baler that coordinates with each other to have an accurate weather forecast. The meteorologist said that the temperature doesn’t affect the performance of the devices but rather the lightning and thunder. High altitude of the station is necessary for the line of sight and to avoid blind sectors. The weather forecast is reliable because of the advance technology and also from the mutual relationship of our country to nearby countries. Like Philippines and Japan, they rely on each other by exchanging forecasts and developed a symbiotic relationship. After the lecture we take pictures of the radars and antennas and also the views. It is really a privilege to be on...
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