Baffling Artifact, Descriptive Excersise

Topics: Chemical substance, Claw, Material Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Baffling Artifact
By: Brianne M. Ruffener
Recent excavations into the secondary layer of debris, we have discovered what we believe to be a community of several individual family living structures. These living structures are slightly sophisticated due to their artistic nature and stability of the buildings. This leads us to assume that the dominant life forms where creative and valued aesthetics. We have found many artifacts that have remarkably withstood the catastrophe that stuck this planet. Among these findings, one particular artifact has been difficult to identify, all though we have some reasonable hypothesizes. The artifact is made of several materials from the planet, it has been altered to either strength/shape. The top piece is comprised of rock that was heated and treated to give it a smooth and shiny appearance as well as a sharp claw. The color of this material is the common gray of rocks in this area. This material is commonly found in tools and utensils used by the dominant species. The claw is similar to the talons found on some of the aerial creatures. There is a smaller hook punched out from the material leading to the claw. Research on the talons of aerial creatures show that they may have been used for hunting; this could mean the tool was used for gouging or extorting lesser beings. We usually find this tool in or around the central hearth. The central hearth is a room in the living structures devoted to massacre and desecration of quadrupeds for the later consumption by the dominant species. The device design and common location of this tool could lead us to believe its purpose may be of a brutal nature. Below this hook there is a hole that has been punched out by a very strong and sharp force, probably during mass production. The hole has a point that aligns with the claw. Which is similar to ciphers and directional tools . These artifacts have been found in several living structures in the communities found on this land mass....
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