Bae Case

Topics: Denver International Airport, Management, Problem solving Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: May 21, 2011
Case Study:
BAE Automated Systems (A):
Denver International Airport Baggage-Handling System


As a company that had good reputation in building an automated baggage handling system for airport project, BAE Automated System had been contracted by City of Denver to provide an airport-wide integrated baggage system. The president of BAE propose that they could develop a “most complex automated baggage system ever built,” which will effective in delivering baggage and efficient in operating and maintaining. Unfortunately, many problems arose in the process of building the system that disrupted the process of finishing the project which affected on delaying in schedule of opening the Denver International Airport. Communication and coordination were the crucial issues that have contributed significantly to the failure of the project. The paper will discuss about those issues, what the impacts to the project and how to overcome those issues.

The challenges and the problem issues

Even though DIA’s project has faced many problems but several issues below had given significant impact to the failure of the automated baggage handling system project: * Lack of project control and monitoring in which there was no clear person in charge who had authority to manage and control the project. For the big project such automated baggage handling system, it was supposed to have a separate organization management who focus on the project rather than delegating the project to a manager area that he was also busy with other responsibilities and moreover has no work experiences in such project. Too many responsibilities made the manager area who handle the project couldn’t focus and not optimally contributed to the project. In fact, there were no major changes in the organization to accommodate the new baggage system. As a result when there was a problem in accessing other work areas, BAE should plead the city to solve the problem which need longer time...
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