Baderman Island Technology Analysis Paper

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Baderman Island Technology Analysis
Reba R Gaines
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Professor Ali Yallah

Baderman Island Technology Analysis
Baderman Island Resort is a self-contained, all-inclusive resort and spa. Set exclusively in Baderman Island, the resort offers an array of restaurants, three hotels, a golf course, pristine white sand beaches, botanical gardens, and a state of the art convention center. With future expansions to include 18 additional holes to its golf course, an additional 150 acre buffer to its botanical gardens, an additional 25 acres to accommodate additional facilities for its spa, an additional 50 acres to its recreational acre, an additional 300 acres to include the finishing of the Melancon Hotel and Convention Center, the doubling of the Tenney suites, and the final touches on the Main Hotel, and an additional 100 acres of private, Baderman Island Resort must upgrade its infrastructure to handle the demand of its operations and management of its human resources and technology (Apollo Group, 2005). The purpose of this paper is to recommend three emergent technologies for three business areas within Baderman Island, explain the business opportunity for each emergent technology, and justify the proper fit within the business organization and how management might use the technologies to maintain a competitive edge. “a technology is considered an innovation and is still developing in terms of capability or capacity. Its potential marketplace has not yet accepted it as a technology that will be useful, useable, cost effective, or a viable substitute for a technology (or service) it could replace”(Luftman & Bullen, 2004, p. 180). The emergent technologies that will be discussed are virtualization, RFID tags, and 3D virtual meetings. Virtualization

Boardman Management Group (BMG) has recently moved its main office and center of operations to Baderman Island. The second floor of the Meredith Visitor Center will now accommodate all Boardman Management Group operations for the management of Baderman Island as well as the management of all offsite properties. The management of all physical servers, network devices, and applications for Baderman, its offsite properties, and onsite vendors will be managed from one central location. This can be accomplished with virtualization, a “technology that allows for the abstraction of computing resources. Virtualized resources can be presented to users and applications in the most logical way possible, without regard to the physical characteristics of the resources themselves” (Ortiz, 2007). Virtualization although growing in acceptance is still considered an emergent technology because its potential marketplace hasn’t totally been realized. Virtual server, virtual storage, virtual appliances, etc are still being developed. Although much development is still occurring, virtualization is becoming an accepted alternative among operating systems making it a hybrid technology, both an emergent and pace technology. Potential Opportunity

Server virtualization can save money on the license and maintenance fees because there are fewer physical machines. Virtualization will allow BMG to rebuild its intranets and extranets and provide services for its internal and external customers. BMG can capitalize on virtual storage (iSCSI) as storage prices are trending downward. BMG can create its own private cloud providing applications and data to its many hotels, restaurants, golf club, convention center, and other amenities and attractions. Justification

Real estate comes at a premium and is very costly. It is imperative that BMG utilizes and optimizes the new space that they are moving into. By implementing virtualization, BMG can assimilate and consolidate its critical servers and applications to decrease footprint, reduce energy costs, ease deployment, and provide disaster recovery....
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