Baderman Island Resort

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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Baderman’s Island Resort has three hotels, a convention center, four restaurants, two gift shops, a pro shop, and a spa. The Baderman’s marketing department determines to increase Baderman’s market share by introducing the resort to a new generation of internet-savvy potential guests. The aim is to introduce Web 2.0 functionalities such as interface to social networking sites, incorporation of videos, multimedia, wikis, blogs, and mobile access to their website. After reviewing Baderman’s Island Resort’s business objective and deciding on the web technology that best suits for meeting these objective, we have propose below implementation recommendation. It is important that Baderman Island Resort stay competitive in the competing market. Tradition business approach has changed, and the World Wide Web has become the primary business media including but not limited marketing businesses. Web 2.0 has become the powerful web tool that can make significant difference in business. According to Wikipedia (n.d), the term Web 2.0 is associated with web applications that facilitate interactive systemic biases, interoperability, user-centered design, and developing the World Wide Web (para. 1). Web 2.0 also allows users to interact and collaborate with each other, and it also reduces web site maintenance overhead and provides easy website expandability. For this implementation we chose XML for data structure, XSD for XML data validation, and XSLT combine with CSS for XML transformation and styling. Figure 1 shows the proposed Web 2.0 site flowchart.

Website Flowchart
Figure 1.
Description of Process Logic
XML can express, or model, many types of data structures, including structures similar to relational data, hierarchical data and loosely structured data. We recommend using XML as a support for the databases on the Baderman’s website to track website visitors, reservation, hotel promotions. The logic behind this markup language is substantial in the success of this implementation.   XML is described as a set of rules that define how sequences of characters are to be used so the an XML processor can process an XML document without throwing errors and that also define the physical structure, expressed as entities.   XML documents have a logical structure that is expressed by the nesting of elements and the presence of attributes on selected elements.   The highly flexible document structure means that the programmer can model many types of data, resulting for modeling both highly flexible structured data that can be stored in a relational database. Binary files play an important role in data storage because they are compacted for any given amount of data to be stored.   Compactness of storage is critically important for any type of situation involving computers, so binary files are specific to a particular application.   New types of data storage must be easy to create and maintain. XML plays a part in a process of making data easier to structure and describe.   Data structures that can be easily modified or adapted, together with processors that access data contained in those structures, make it easier to create, maintain, and modify data storage when using binary files alone. (Watt, 2003) XML provides a cleaner, more consistent framework for expressing structured data.  Part of this improvement relies on simple element type names, and it can be created for each element in a XML document.   There are advantages in using XML such as, high level of accuracy and efficiency for the transmission of data, and distribution will eliminate the overhead associated with using relational database. In addition, there is no loss of data between different operating system platforms. XML can be used on a variety of systems, laptops, PDAs and is compatible with a large number of networks. XML Schema Definition (XSD)

XSD will run the validation of Baderman’s XML documents. All XML documents that are developed with...
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