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  • Published : October 31, 2011
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Lord Robert Baden Powell is perhaps one of the most deserving people of the title humanitarian ever. He founded an organization that involves more than 25 million youths and adults in 161 countries (BSA). Five United States presidents have been a part of Baden Powell’s organization. Neil Armstrong, Bill Gates, Harrison Ford are just some of the men who went through this organization (BSA). Lord Robert Baden Powell was the founder of scouting for boys, or boy scouts. Baden Powell was born in London in 1857, he was constantly outdoors scouting the woods. In 1876 he joined the 13th Hussars in India, which was a light Calvary unit. In the 1880s he displayed his scouting skills among the Zulu in South Africa and was transferred to the British secret service. In 1897 he took command of the 5th Dragoon Guards and a few years later he wrote a manual called Aids to Scouting. A colonel at the time, Baden Powell was responsible for organizing a force to assist another army. He was surrounded by a Boer army which outnumbered his force heavily. His army withstood the siege for 217 days. What impressed Powell were not only the men who withstood the siege, but also the boys that carried messages for him. He became a national hero after returning from England, and he found that his manual had become a best seller. He rewrote the manual allowing children the ability to read it. Throughout his career, Powell noticed the younger soldiers lacked leadership or skills in the outdoors. He said, “…(T)hey had never been taught to be men, how to look after themselves, how to take responsibility, and so on.” (Clyburne). Boys had learned in school and little from life. From this point on, Baden Powell’s life changed from being a major- general to a humanitarian focused on educating boys in the outdoors and in life. In 1907 he held a camp on Brownsea Island for 22 boys. This is where boy scouts started. Baden Powell taught the boys how to survive in the wilderness through his edited...
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