Bad to Cursed

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Jasmine 11/18/12
Book Review

The title of the book I read is From Bad to cursed by Katie Alender. The plot of this story is a girl name Megan and she was not the most popular girl but she was the smartest girl ,until she joins this group in her school ,all of the girls that are in this group are really pretty and popular but little does Megan know these girls worship this evil spirit they call aralt. Megan becomes really mean and bitter and malicious her personality changes completely.

The setting of this novel takes place mostly at Megan’s school and her house in the morning she’s at home then she goes to school then she comes back home for the night. The significance of the setting is when she’s at school because that’s when she completely changes and when she gets home her father can tell that her personality has changed.

The author reveal information about Megan by putting her in very difficult situations like when her mother passed away when Megan was a younger age , a lot of people that was close to Megan passed away so she had to cope with that. Megan really changes from the begging of the novel to the end of the novel. In paragraph seven-teen threw thirty-four Megan’s whole personality changes for the worse because she got involved with the wrong group of girls.

Quest for power is one of the themes in this book. The reason why a quest for power is one of the themes is because Megan really wanted to be in charge of everything and everybody. So don’t be power hungry because you may be way in over your head.

I recommend this book because it gives you life lessons about diffent things you may run into in your life and it shows you what not to do in certain situations. I give this book a five out...
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