Bad Time at Quality Shoe - Mgt/210

Topics: Cognition, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Bad Time at Quality Shoe

What do you think of Mack’s approach to solving his problem?

I can’t say that I think Mack’s approach to this problem was a good one. He could of used a better way from what he had learning in decision-making classes he took. I sounded like he had learned a lot for attending those classes but he did not learn how apply them to real life situations when dealing with a problem and employees. Even though I thought it was a good idea that he had talked with his co-worker Ralph he didn’t really give him much information or what guidelines Ralph was to work with. And instead of doing this himself he kind of passed the buck to Ralph to speak with the other employees instead of getting the altogether and handling it himself. I did not think that Mack handled this issue well by passing it on to someone else. He did not take responsibility that goes with his job position.

How would you go about the task if you were Ralph?

I would of stat Mack down and asked him what he would do, since Mack is the one who attended decision-making classes he could of given Ralph some kind of guideline and insight on how to handle a situation of this nature. Also if I were Ralph I would have reminded him of this fact and let him know I was not as knowledgeable as he was for this task. It seems to me that Mack doesn’t know how to do his job so he passes it off to someone else. If I were Ralph I would get all the employees together and try my best to explain the company’s issues and start off with those who had the most seniority and see if others would be willing to cut back on hours.

What do you think Mack should do if he doesn’t think that the group’s decision is reasonable?

I think he should take the group’s decision back to Mack and let him figure it out from there Considering that Ralph didn’t have any clear guidelines nor knowledge of attending a decision making class this is a hard one of him, and what might...
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