Bad Incident Essay

Topics: Newspaper, Public transport, Transport Pages: 7 (2427 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Certificate in Information Communication Technology CICT
Assignment (JANUARY 2013)
Study Skill in English
CSE 101

LECTURER: Ms. Vijaya

(1) Media has always been the fastest way in transmitting news and information. Discuss the different types of media and their functions towards various industries. You are encouraged to compare between 3 different industries.(Exp.sports).

Media being a bridge over which brand messages travel to reach the consumer. In the other way we can say is a method or way of expressing something. Communication through channels like news, entertainment, education, promotional messages is disseminated. Media includes broadcasting and narrowcasting medium like newspapers, magazine, T.V, radio, direct mail, fax, and very popular way internet. With media we can communicate with around the word as well as we are aware about global news. We are aware about from the small people to V.I.P. people. Media is link fake news like a fire but on the safe side it helps a lot inform us about the realities as well. Media play very important role in our daily life. The word is moving towards progress in every walk of life. Media is necessary as food as clothing. Media brings the conclusion without fighting in personal ways. Media create image of popular people.

Today we get so many media who give us news around the world. So many news channels like BBC world news. Hindi news channels Aajtak which is very famous news channel in India. Through radio like local station to national broadcasting. News papers and magazine. newspaper; There are so many types of news papers are available in the world. Like daily newspaper, Gujarat samachar, sandesh, divya bhaskar, London news and many more which are uncountable. Daily news papers covers local to international news. Some local news papers cover the some local areas news. They give us detail of what happened around in the city as well as around the world. News channels: today we have so many news channels local to international. Like BBC word news. Aajtak news, and many more. For entertainment we have also so many channels who give us break for our daily tension. Like we can watch new movies or new reality show for kids or for adult, some family shows some cooking show. Some adventure shows like we can get all information just to sit in the corner and we get whole things around us. Some local channels also available. They show us reality what happened and how things are going actually. We can see the live news real things for general to famous people. Television is different in any other kind of media. With television we can see the live things. Sometimes we cannot go in some of famous event like music, talk, so they broadcast live and we can watch at our place. They also show us reality of world .they cover whole story about any kind of field. Like business, entertainment, and many more Local television station are an often overlooked but extremely effective means of reaching large audiences. Radio: most experienced media strategists. Radio often describe as the captive electronic medium. Because it reaches people while they are doing things in their car, on work place, home or in offices even while walking. each radio station have some special programming .news programming broadcasting important and breaking news .some public programs like interview or songs etc. they always prepare about all kind of news like business movies market even some small matter which very useful in our daily life. Radio gives good message with slogans. Internet; today we all know without computer and internet our life is in half way. Kids, youngster, and everyone like to get information through internet .because it is very fast as well as it gives us news in second. So many web side who provide all types of news like sport, movies, events,drama,business,stockmarket and many more. So we all...
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