Bad Habits

Topics: Person, Grammatical person, People Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: June 18, 2011
Everyone has habits which it is possible to divide in two groups: good habits and bad habits. Each of us is fighting in the everyday life with one's weaknesses. Some people have smaller or bigger bad habits but they often struggle against these inurements. Because they are hurting themselves and theirs most immediate persons to a certain extent. We more and more often hear about addictions of different kind. Particularly they are publicised by media when some tragedy is an effect of these addictions. Then people realize how much it is possible to hurt themselves and others because of bad habits of the everyday life. My own bad habit which is causing nobody pain is eating sweets. I adore sweets and without the chocolate bar I think my day is worthless. I have a lot of different defects which with ease I could list but in bulks I treat eating sweets as the evil of my days. If I consume something sweet it must be titbit which is poured with the chocolate or has chocolate mass. I am quite fussy in choosing sweets. But they cause quickly my humour improves. Sweets are irreplaceable cure for sadness or worse days. I can add that also a problem of being slow is my defect, with which unfortunately I cannot advise myself. I am always late for appointments. My friends are already accustomed to it and they are trying to accept this fact. But it is worst when I have some arranged meeting with the person which doesn't know my „ property of being slow ” what best isn't presenting me. Everyone has bad habits, defects, obsessions, but they aren't dangerous if they don't influence other persons and it isn't affecting their life. There is no people without defects, everyone has some. Part of them we are able to fight with but the willingness and the commitment are needed.
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