Bad Girls Club

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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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When I was a child, there was always a good family TV show on like Full House, Family Matters, Cosby Show, and Boy Meets World. Today the younger kids do not have anything like those positive television shows to look at, but they do have the reality television show like the Bad Girls Club (BGC). The Bad Girls Club first aired on December, 5TH, 2006; its original plot was to try to help seven behavior problem women change their self destructing antics. The series has done anything but rehabilitate the women. The women on the show have negatively influenced the younger viewers with the binge drinking, the promiscuity, and the constant fighting. The show fails to show the outcome of the actions the women on The Bad Girls Club will have to face, but instead it paints a picture that there are no real consequences to the actions.

The women on BGC range from twenty-one to twenty-seven, so they are all of the legal drinking age. Drinking would not be so bad if the women would do it sparingly, but the women on the show have taken drinking to a completely new level and have become alcoholics. They seem to wake up drinking and go to sleep drinking, and there is always the one girl who loves to drink but cannot contain herself if she is drinking. BGC shows clips of the girls out at clubs with bottles of alcohol in their hand having a grand time. My younger sister, who views the show, has said, “When I am twenty-one, I am going to party and drink just like the girls on the BGC!” The fact that she idealizes the women was shocking. It may look like a lot of fun to be out partying like they do, but the younger viewers do not see the after effects of the actions. On season one Ripsy had gotten so intoxicated that she blacked out. When Ripsy did black out, she started beating on her roommate Kerri. The other roommates tried to get Ripsy to stop beating on Kerri, but nothing seemed to have been working. Nothing seemed to work until Ripsy falls into the swimming pool. The...
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