Bad Family Relationships

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  • Published : October 21, 2008
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At its core a family is a system of reproducing and keeping offspring safe and preparing them for the world so as to keep the species alive. It can be considered the same as a pride of lions or a pack of wolves. They have a structured hierarchy and consist of at least one parent figure and one child. Because of our increased intelligence the interactions between each member of a family differ from family to family. These relationships are what separate us from animals, although this separation is not always good. In this day and age it is difficult to find a fully functioning household or at least one that could be considered normal. Every day people hear about domestic violence or other kinds of abuse in family. On the other hand there are some households that hold true to the old fashion family stability, ones in which there are little to no problems, and are able to produce people ready for the world and to continue the family. The headline of an Arkansas newspaper reads “Man rapes eight day old baby”. CNN Special report “Man imprisons daughter for 24 years has 7 children with her”. These are the stories people wake up to every day. Because of these themes becoming so prevalent in our lives there have been countless books written by countless authors in regards to it. Books like this include Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess and Identical by Ellen Hopkins. Both of these include a female protagonist who is raped by her father. Another common, although quiet problem people face every day is domestic abuse, usually between a father and a spouse or child. In America alone it affects 32 million families over 10% of the entire population. According to Dr. Michael First there are three main kinds of relational disorders, they are Adult Child, Parent relationships, Spousal relationships, and Child, Parent relationships. Each of them have the potential to face their own particular problems. Children growing up in these kinds of households have a tendency to...
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