Bad Eyes

Topics: Perception, Emotion, The Reader Pages: 4 (1429 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Humans express emotions and feelings through various outlets. We are born with senses that allow us to feel and express a wide arraignment of emotions. When one of these senses fail we are automatically disabled, but many find alternatives to express these emotions. Erin McGraw in “Bad Eyes” learns to express her emotions through the use of extensive metaphors that allow the reader to feel what she is writing. The metaphors create a bridge that helps us to understand what McGraw faces throughout her life. The reader gains insight to her troubles, fears, and growth, which creates a deep understanding of the text.

Erin McGraw’s extensive use of metaphors, gives the reader access to her mind that would otherwise have been closed off. As you read her story, you are told from the beginning that her metaphors are to be taken literally; however this is often difficult to do. But you come to realize that the reason for her extensive use of metaphors has to do with her vision disability. McGraw gives a tremendous amount of description not only to draw the reader but also to help them see through her eyes because she has become accustomed to such descriptions, “My eyeballs aren't round, like marbles or baseballs, but are oblong, like little footballs. This awkward shape puts so much strain on the retinas that a rip has developed in my left one, where the tissue gave out like exhausted cloth” (pg.372 ). She has been told on numerous occasions that her eyes are “bad” but only a description filled with such imagery helps her to understand the severity. She hears these metaphors every day of her life from the mouths of those that surround her. “Even when it finally collapsed, its flimsy walls giving way under disappointment, disillusion, and broken promises on both sides, I still couldn't make sense of the ruin, or understand why it had happened”(pg. 379) It feels as if she almost forgets that the reader has the ability to see well enough, yet these metaphors are a great...
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