Bad Experience Essay

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Bad Experience

It wasn’t my day. Only on the way to the town did I realize that my road tax had expired. Now I had to change my original plan and instead go to renew my road tax. It certainly would be embarrassing to be stopped by a policeman.

The registration office was far off. When I got there, the parking space was filled up. I spotted one parking lot. Hurrah, I thought. Only as I edged in to park did I realize why others had avoided it. It was really tricky parking there and I had to use all my parking skills. Obviously I was lacking in these skills. Suddenly, I heard a crunching sound as my car struck the next one.

Now what? I surveyed the damage. My car had a slight dent. The other car was damaged at the bumper. The driver of that car had just returned and he was furious. I tried to calm him down but it was difficult. He wanted money and there was nothing I could do but to fork out RM300. I paid up. Anyway I had to renew my road tax. The office was crowded. “Obviously everyone else had chosen to come in today” I muttered to myself. I joined in one of the queues, feeling rather impatient. I don’t think my queue moved at all. It was 12 at noon and still there was little progress. After a while, just as I thought I was going to be served, the officer closed the counter for lunch. I couldn’t believe my luck. This couldn’t be happening. But it was.

With the others who were waiting, I looked for some food. Not that I could afford much, as I had already given away the RM300 quite unnecessarily. I felt very annoyed with myself and the rest of the world too. Feeling quite irritated, I joined the queue again at two. It was almost four when I finished there. A whole day was gone waiting!

Well, at least I had my road tax done, I told myself as I drove home. When I arrived home however, I found the whole house locked. Strange, where was everybody? It took me a while to remember that my sisters had mentioned about a nephew’s birthday party. They must have...
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