Bad Experience at School

Topics: Normal distribution, Understanding, Knowledge Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: December 18, 2012
In the world humans can easily retain the good memories that happen in their lives. They can easily remember those sports trophy, honor roll award, and even just beating a friend in a friendly video game, is left as positive memory in their brain that can be easily shared information. However, the real question is, what do humans do with the bad experiences? Do they just store them in their memory bank and never talk about it, do they just forget about, or do they share the experience? I can’t speak for everybody but, I feel you should express your bad experiences, just like you would for your good ones. Now I’ll begin. In my lifetime I have always been able to grasp things and excel at them quite fast. However, as soon as I got into the pre-engineering program at the Academies @ Englewood, that whole grasping things quickly was thrown well and beyond out the window. In the beginning I found my engineering class to be simple. I didn’t find it difficult to understand, everything flowed in my brain pretty easily like things normally did for me. Then I was introduced to auto desk inventor, the bane to my existence. Auto desk inventor was software that allowed you create all types of objects digitally. It seems cool but I quickly realized that I was not able to get an understanding of how to use the program as fast as I understood other things. I wouldn’t understand what part of the shape I was supposed to extend, rotate, change, resize, crop, it all just became too difficult for me. Now usually the normal student would go ask the teacher if they are having a hard time with something, so I spoke to my teacher for help. Although, when my teacher explained it to he wasn’t speaking a form of English that I could understand. I did not at all understand what he was saying; honestly he could have been speaking pig Latin for all I knew. For the first time in my life I became that student in the back of the classroom that gets made fun of...
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