Bad Case of Stripes

Topics: Girl, Blues-rock, Blues Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 6, 2011
By: David Shannon

Camilla Cream is a young girl who is constantly worrying about what other think of what she wears, eats, says, or does. One day before school, Camilla was standing in her closet trying to decide what to wear. She was going through her normal routine, thinking about who she had to impress for the day when suddenly she broke out in STRIPES! Mr. and Mrs. Cream called Dr. Bumble immediately to come and treat Camilla. When Dr. found nothing wrong with her, the Creams decided they would send her to school anyway. The next day was even more horrible for Camilla. The children in her class laughed at her and called her names like “Camilla Crayon”. They started shouting things like “How about some purple polka dots!” and to everyone’s amazement, Camilla’s skin began to look like purple polka dots. Camilla caused such a ruckus she was sent home and was not permitted to school until her case of stripes cleared up. Dr. Bumble returns to the Cream’s house, this time with four specialists. They specialists cannot find anything wrong with Camilla but give her a pill to try. The next day, Camilla was a giant multi-colored pill! Dr. Bumble is called again, this time accompanied by two experts. After more poking and prodding, no specialist or expert can find a cure for Camilla’s bad case of stripes. Just when all hope seems to be lost, a little old woman comes to visit the Creams claiming she can cure Camilla’s stripes! Her arrival was much appreciated by all, especially Camilla who only hours earlier became her own bedroom. The old woman better work fast before Camilla becomes the entire house!

Camilla Cream: Camilla is a little girl who always worried about what others think and how she should act to impress them. One morning before school, Camilla breaks out in a bad case of stripes! Mr. & Mrs. Cream: These are Camilla’s parents. They are very supportive of Camilla’s condition but try everything in their power to help Camilla get rid of her...
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