Bad and Good Freinds

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  • Published : June 19, 2011
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Sometimes it hard to find good friends because people all around look like they don’t do bad thing but once you get to know them they do bad thing like smoking weed or doing other type of drugs. This type of friend comes when they don’t have anything to do. Friends wants everyone to agree with them. There cannot be disagreements or ignoring any topic and if you disagree you will be treated differently. such friends can be tricky since handling friends are tricky enough . How do you convince someone to still respect you and still act 100% when you disagree about something with them? They want everyone to agree with them will not show such a behavior easily and anytime they accept disagreements. They will brag about the way you act. They cannot control themselves anymore. They will hate you and not respect your friendship simply because you disagree about anything that they support. These types of friend want to be right all the time. They are also opposed to realizing that some problem may be because of their own actions or thoughts. Such as friends also love to point issues with others all the time. While not accepting that there not right friends act immature many times. but through their changed behavior regarding many things. This can be mainly because of being spoiled in many ways, and they do not realize it. They had rather tell others all the time what is wrong with others instead of realizing any problem in their own self. Bad friends also make you drink and make you drive and you shouldn’t drive when you drunk because you can crash or get killed and even get burned up too. You can tell who is a good and who isn’t. A bad friend is someone who uses you and keeps asking you for money and you can tell you are his friend and you don’t even know him. Real friends help you with trouble and got your back and bad friends don’t they just go against you and saying that they will pay you back and they don’t even pay you back and telling you that they will give...
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