Bacolod Public Plaza

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Bacolod Public Plaza

* The Bacolod Public Plaza is one of the notable landmarks of Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental, Philippines. It is located in the heart of the downtown area, near the city hall and across from the San Sebastian Cathedral. The plaza is a trapezoidal park with a belt of trees around the periphery and a gazebo at the center. Scattered within the trees are four circular fountains. * The plaza was constructed in 1927 as a place for recreation, political, spiritual and cultural activities. It is quite a popular site for outdoor picnics and concerts. The gazebo is often used to house a bandstand and inscribed along the sides of the roof are the names of Western classical musiccomposers Beethoven, Wagner, Haydn, and Mozart. * -------------------------------------------------

The plaza is the heart of the MassKara Festival celebration.[1] The MassKara Festival is a week-long celebration held each year in Bacolod City every third weekend of October nearest October 19, the city's Charter Anniversary. The Bacolod public plaza is the final destination of MassKara street dancing competition which is the highlight of the celebration. -------------------------------------------------

Capitol Park and Lagoon

* The Capitol Park and Lagoon is a provincial park located in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, in Philippines. One of the features of the park is matching sculptures depicting a woman standing alongside a water buffalo and that of a man pulling another water buffalo.

* These sculptures are located at the northern and southern ends of the lagoon. These figures were executed by Italian sculpture Francesco Riccardo Monti who also did the sculptures of the Metropolitan Manila Theater and the University of the Philippines - Visayas Iloilo campus.

* Guillermo Tolentino also contributed as a sculptor of the figures.Popular activities at the park include jogging, aerobics, school dance rehearsals, promenading, Arnis and martial arts practice and feeding the tilapias of the lagoon.

* The main landmark in the park is the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol building. It is the official seat of the Governor of the province. Different government offices of the province serving its thirteen cities and municipalities are also located in the vicinity of the park. San Sebastian Cathedral

* Cathedral of San Sebastian was founded in April 27, 1876 by Bishop Mariano Cuartero but the cornerstone was laid and it was inaugurated in the January 20 in the year 1882. Now, referred to as the Bacolod Cathedral is located along the Rizal Street across the Bacolod City Public Plaza.

* The structure of cathedral is made up of coral stones and lime quarried of Guimaras Island and Palawan wood. Visitors of the cathedral will instantly notice the baroque architectural style as the pillar, walls; foundations of the church are coral stones. 

* The statue of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Bacolod is there on one side of the façade while the resurrected Jesus Christ is there in the mid section of the façade. The statue of San Sabestian is there inside the church on the main altar. Other highlights of the church are the flag stand with the logo of Recoletos and the old Stations of the Cross made up of plaster of Paris. ______________________________________________________________________________

Negros Museum
* Visit to Negros Museum of Bacolod is the best way of getting acquainted with the history of this city. This museum is a perfect blend of artwork, relics and artifacts which enables you to understand the present and past of the city. * The museum exhibits several must see galleries such as JGM Gallery of International Folk Art and Folk Toys. This is an excellent place to visit with children as it focuses on playing items from all round the World. * There are...
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