Bacolod City College Students Entrance Examination System

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Chapter 1
An information system describes how the people and information technology communicates and interacts with each other. In modern age, information technological advancement has minimized the whole world. It gave lots of benefits for all business industries who were using it. With the use of advance technology, transaction became more fast, accurate and effective and as time passes by computers became more useful for every transaction being made.          

Modernization in every transaction became more popular as it reached even small organizations like school. School is one of the organizations that need advancement, because in this institution many transactions are made like the entrance examination.

Education institutes admit students on the basis of their abilities such as understanding of concepts, sharpness of mind and knowledge; therefore, they launch common exams for all prospective students. These common exams are especially designed to test special characteristic of students and are often called Entrance Exams. Through entrance examination, institutes are able to choose cream of students. They find entrance examinations therefore, as one of the best methods to find excellent prospective students.         

Our group will focus on the entrance examination that will help   minimize the work of the examiners and upgrade the system of manual entrance examination to a new computerized entrance examination. With the use of this innovative program the school will become more competitive for the future years.

General Objectives
The research was designed to create an automated entrance examination of Bacolod City College that will help the school enhance their modern use of technology. This system aims to provide better and hassle-free examination procedures. Specific Objective

Bacolod City College wanted to be known for using modern technology, with regards to that goal, the researcher wanted to implement Automated Entrance Examination. 1. To be able to create a computerized entrance examination. 2. To help the administration identify easier entrance examination passers. 3. To create a password that will secure the confidentiality of the school’s entrance examination. 4. To have an automatic result that could be printed.

5. To provide randomized entrance examination.
Scope and Limitation
The study was conducted to determine the probability of installing Automated Entrance Examination. This study will only limit to a new student who wants to enroll in Bacolod City College. The system was designed to a multiple choice type of test. This is a randomized exam. The examiner could encode new question that they wanted to post later on. The examinee would register personal information. The examinee could view the test results after taking the exam. The results could be printed by the admin only. A summary of the results could be viewed by the admin in a result page. It could display the list of examinees who took the entrance examination. There is also an automatic submission of the answered questions when the student could not finish at the right time.

Chapter 2
Review Related Literature
De La Salle University: Automated Essay Evaluator
Automated Essay Evaluator is a system developed to automate the evaluation of a large collection of essay-type documents using natural language processing and the Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) technique.

Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) is a theory and the method to extract direct information and Infer relations from a contextual-usage of words from a large corpus of text. It does not make use of any dictionary, semantic network, morphology, and the like to understand word contents on a text document. LSA infers the meaning of words by the way it was represented together with other words. In this sense, similar words appearing in different sentences conclude similar contextual meaning. The “set of words” may...
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