Backstroke and Easy Roll

Topics: Backstroke, Swimming, Front crawl Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: November 21, 2012
Easy Roll
Easy roll is a newly designed Simple Machine that is useful to everyone. It is durable, useful, convenient and helpful! Various things can be put inside the Easy roll like shopping bags, food and beverages for outings, books and notebooks and other things that fit the machine. The company’s main goal in making the machine is to solve our problems. Usually, in rainy seasons, we complain that our things get wet. With the help of their product, our things will be protected because of the covering provided by the machine. Another problem is the weight of what we are carrying. With the use of the Easy roll, what we will be carrying will weigh less and it would be easier to move them to places. There is also a small compartment at the lower part of the inside of Easy roll so that people could separate some objects desired to be separated. It has different parts which has different uses. It is also composed of different simple machines like the wheel and axle, screws, and a wedge. The wheel and axle in Easy roll is the wheels for it to easily be moved from one place to another. The screws are the ones that hold some parts together. The wedge is the zipper because it splits the plastic cover into two.

Backstroke is an ancient style of swimming, who owes most of what it has to Harry Hebner. It was the second stroke to be swum in competitions after the front crawl. The first Olympic backstroke competition was the 1900 Paris Olympics men's 200 metre. Backstroke has a similar speed to butterfly. Race times for the butterfly are superior to those for the backstroke mostly because the former allows a racing start from poolside and the latter does not. In races beyond 200 meters, backstroke would actually be the faster of the two, though it mainly depends on the stamina of the swimmer. The maximum swimming speed for backstroke is around 1.89 meter per second. Due to its position on the back, backstroke uses some different muscles...
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