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Rawlings is a trademark multi-billion dollar company, specializing is baseball but also has its foot in with football and soccer. Rawlings is also making a break through with specialized football gear, sport clothing and sport accessories. Rawlings is the biggest baseball contributor in the game boosting our American economy. Rawlings has many celebrity endorsements in baseball for example Rafael Furcal, Derek Jeter, Jose Reyes, Prince Fielder and many more. With all these famous baseball players wearing and using Rawlings gear, people want to purchase the gear to feel like a pro. Making a break into the football world Rawlings just got its first Professional Football athlete Steven Jackson.

Rawlings is a product sold in every sporting good store from cleats, batting gloves, aluminum and wood bats, appeal and their baseball gloves. Since 2010 Rawlings unleashed their new chain of football gear growing rapidly in the game because of their good history of quality made products. Rawlings is making football helmets as their top products, football pads and receiving football gloves. Rawlings is a multi-billion dollar industry in the baseball world and multi-million dollar share holder in the football world continuing growing every year.

Rawlings sponsors hundreds of professional baseball players and many top D-1 schools in baseball, giving them custom gloves or reduced sale purchases for colligate athletes. Due to NCAA rules colligate athletes are not allowed to accept sponsor ships from company’s until they Carmona 2

enter the professional draft. Ones a player enters the draft their agent can apply for a sponsorship for any company, but most players chooses Rawlings as their choice due to the good quality of all their products.

Rawlings is the main sponsor in the world of baseball, sponsoring hundreds of athletes throughout professional baseball and throughout the minor leagues. Rawlings is an expensive baseball leather, giving Pro athletes...
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