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Nathaniel Hawthorne also known as Nathaniel Hathorne son of Nathaniel Hathorne

and Elizabeth Clarke Manning was born July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts. Salem,

Massachusetts is also known for the witch trail that Hawthorne’s grandfather was

involved, which is why he put the “w” in his name. To hide the shame from his family’s

original name Hathorne. Hawthorne is known as an American novelist and short story

writer. Hawthorn’s father was a ship’s captain and died of yellow fever. Shortly after that

Hawthorne’s mother Elizabeth Manning was very hard on him and “pushed him toward

relatively isolated pursuits”. His mother pushing him so hard lead him to “shy and

bookish, which molded his life as a writer.”

Hawthorne attended college at Bowdoin College in 1821 and

graduated in 1825. After graduating college Hawthorne turned to Salem and

wrote his fist novel Fanshawe that was anonymous and didn’t get that much attention.

Hawthorne wrote many short stories, one of his most known short stories was Twice-

Told Tales. Twice-Told Tales was published in 1837, almost ten years after his fist short

story was published.

In 1839 Hawthorne met his soon to be wife Sophia Peabody. Hawthorne and Sophia

finally got married in 1842. After being married for two years the Hawthorne’s had their

first child. The first born was a little girl by the name of Una. A few years later they had their second born Julian, a little boy. After having two children two years apart they

decided to wait five years and have their last child, a little girl named Rose.

After their last child was born Hawthorne took his family back to Salem. Where he

was appointed surveyor of the Boston Costume House by President James Polk. After

a few years Hawthorne was dismissed from the job of being the surveyor of the Boston

Custome House he dedicated himself to his most famous novel, The Scarlet Letter.

After The...
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