Background of the Study

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Quezon City Polytechnic University
Natural Science Deparment
673 Quirino Highway San Bartolome Novaliches, Quezon City

“ Physics for Children Website ”
An Advance studying of Physics in an enjoyable way

An Investigatory Project

Presented to the Class of

Prof. Marjim Dela Cruz

General Physics


Presented by

Espinosa, Diane A.

Mangalos, Ronnel S.

Morales, Mary Knoll

Rosales, Mary Grace Joy C.

Tugano, Paolo

September 28, 2011


Physics is usually teach in high school and college students nowadays. It would not be easy to teach Physics in a child specially it is science subject that usually hate by many students. The researchers want to create and make a website that children of all ages would love and learn a lot in an enjoyable way.

a. Purpose

To create a website about physics for children that involves games, trivia, stories, and other things that is possible for the reasercher to make. To establish studying a lesson in an enjoyable way. Also to support parents and teachers in norturing their kids intelligent in science subject especially physics. For the kids to know some interesting and knowledgeable news and events in the science world. And last to

b. Procedure Used

First finding information in the internet and some references like books that would satisfy the researchers idea about the concept of their investigatory project and website. Ask some professional and ordinary person about the value of this study for the researcher to gathered ideas and opinions from them. And last check if there are possible materials to be used for this research for the succesful result of this investigatory.

c. Results

In finding for a suitable title for the researchers investigatory project and the main concept to do it is by creating a website the researchers finally decided to make a website for kids. It is an advance studying of physics in an enjoyable way.

d. Conclusion

The researchers there for conclude that it is better to create a website for children as an investigatory project to be unique and original in some aspects. It is also fun, knowledgeable and interesting to do.


The researcher would like to thank God for guiding and guarding us in doing this Investigatory Project. He guide us all through the way from the beginning when we are still finding data, details and information.

The researchers would also want to thank our parents in supporting us emotionally and financially. They were always there in every step of the way.
Also the researcher would like to acknowledge the parent’s of Diane for letting the researcher use the computer in doing the website and typing the documentation.
The researcher would also want to thank there professor who approve there abstract. We really appreciate it because we did an abstract only once while other group are not.


a. Background of the study
b. Statement of the problem/objectives
c. Significance of the study
d. Scope and limitations
e. Review of related literature

a. Materials/equipment
b. Treatment/general procedure

Result and Discussion


A historical approach to the development of physical theories and technological advances is adopted to highlight the humanistic aspect of science. In many instances, evolution of concepts, principles and theories is described to make you aware of the contributions of some great physicists and technologists in pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge.

Physics is the branch of science that deals with the interaction between matter and energy. Understanding of its basic principles enhance your daily life and the application of physics principles pave the way to development. Life situations where these physical theories meaningful. Technological devices are presented to keep abreast with advances...
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