Background of High Tech Company

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Background of High Tech Company (HTC)
High Tech Company (HTC) Corporationis a communication and internet type industry which is headquartered in Taiwan. This corporation establish in 1997-05-15.There are 16, 746 employees in the company. HTC was success become a listed company in Taiwan on 2002-03-26.HTC was also honoured as one of the world's best 100 brands by Interbrand, in 2011. HTC is a leader in Android and Windows Mobile platforms. HTC also isa global leader in smartphone innovation and design. This company built its reputation as the behind-the-scenes designer and manufacturer of many of the most popular OEM-branded mobile devices on the market.Since 2006, HTC has regularly introduced many critically acclaimed mobile devices under their own brand, and their portfolio includes smartphones and tablets powered by the Android or Windows Phone operating systems. Their longstanding working relationships with fellow technology leaders such as Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm are more than strategic partnerships: They serve as active labs of research and development and product evolution. At HTC, collaboration is a means to a very important end: creating a holistic experience for the customer. The partners ensure that hardware, software, and content management and delivery systems are united in seamless and intuitive ways that give consumers control. Their passion always discovers the best ways to integrate state-of-the-art technologies with effortless user experiences. New products simply enable and enhance these experiences. And when their customers share their personal experiences with HTC products, they speak with passion and conviction. They encourage, embrace and celebrate users sharing their perspectives. The strength of the HTC community lies in its authenticity; it’s the most accurate and honest voice of real-world understanding available. They insist on seeing through the eyes of this community, because doing so...
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