Background Checks for College Students

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Background Checks for College Students

Pow, pow!, the gun shots filled the air, shouts across the room, cries for help, shoving, pushing, stammering over one another. Looking for a hiding place, praying and wondering “am I next.” This is what I can imagine in the minds of the victims that have encountered school shootings. America experienced one of the most horrific school shootings of our time. On December 14, 2012 Newton, Connecticut- Sandy Hook Elementary, Adam Lanza (20) killed 27 people (20) children and (6) school staff. Following that shooting the same month and year 2013, there were (4) more gun shootings on college campuses. Since the 1700s, school shootings have occurred in the United States. There have been over 57 college shootings 28 ending in fatality. The children of America should be allowed to attend school without worry and wonder that this may be there last days in this world and as should the parents feel that their children are safe. Some schools have taken measures as to implement security / resource officers and metal detectors with a guard. However the most effective way to understand your attendees would be to perform background checks.

Backgrounds checks or background investigation, is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records and financial records of an individual or an organization. This check will include; high school records of a student to determine any behavioral problems during the time of the student’s enrollment. Four percent of colleges conduct criminal background checks and thirty-six percent do not require self-disclosure of crimes; however the colleges that are proactive and have implemented this process as part of their admissions have noticed a decline in crime on their campuses.

Many of you may not agree with me, and may feel that you would not be afforded the opportunity to attend school, due to some choices that you may have made in your past or you were probably in the wrong...
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