Background and Hypothesis for the Dominant Thumb Experiment:

Topics: Science, Left-handedness, Handedness Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Background examination for the Dominant Thumb Experiment:
Upon reading the literature that the researcher found by googling, "Thumb Dominance," they discovered that almost every human being has a dominant thumb whether it be the right thumb or the left thumb on top after naturally clasping their hands together. However, if the individual tries to force their clasped hands to let the other thumb become dominant it's most often described as feeling awkward or abnormal. In 1999, a scientist by the name of Reiss completed 18 studies of parents and their children regarding this topic. What he discovered was that this dominant thumb issue could have something to do with basic genetics between the parents and their children.

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Hypothesis for the Dominant Thumb Experiment:
The hypothesis chosen by the researcher was that if a person is right handed the right thumb will be dominant when the hands are clasped or if the person is left handed then the left thumb will be dominant the hands are clasped together. That it is possible that genetics play a part in influencing the dominant thumb.
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