Back to the Dreamtime

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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“Back to the Dreamtime” wrote by H. Q. Mitchell showed that a teenage Aboriginal boy, Richard, who was a boy raised in white Australian society, however he never forget to claim himself as an Aboriginal. Therefore, he never give up to find his father’s burial ground. Richard, his brother, and his best friend on a journey of self-discovery, mystery and adventure through the Australian outback. In this novel “Back to the Dreamtime”, there are several main characters, but I would like to choose Richard and Tom to show the relationship between two of them in this novel. Richard and Tom are full of respect, they do a lot of things together, adventurous, reluctant to separate with families, and also helpful and obedient children.

Richard and Tom are same ages brother, even though Richard was adopted by Tom’s parents, that’s means that they are not natural brother. They showed their respect to each other in this novel. Tom respect Richard and treats Richard as his biological brother. He also respects Richard as an Aboriginal and accepted him. Richard respects Joe and Sonya, even though they are only their adoptive parents.

Besides, Richard and Tom do a lot of thing together. For an example, they were playing cricket together in the backyard and cleaned the attic together, so that they found the aboriginal carving on the attic. The most important is Tom went together with Richard to find his father’s burial ground. This showed that they prefer do a lot of thing together.

Furthermore, both of them are adventurous. They are courageous to find Richard’s father’s burial ground without bring along with their parents. This showed that they have the spirit to adventure. Moreover, they brave to face the challenges and do not fear anything that may be will happened on them.

In addition, they reluctant to separate with families. After Richard had found his father’s burial ground, he should leave with Tom and Bradley, however Richard decided to stay at...