Back to the Dream Time

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The novel I have read was ‘Back To The Dreamtime’. In this story, I have chosen to describe the relationship of two main characters that are Richard and his brother, Tom. The main reason I have chosen to describe this two characters is because of the uniqueness of the relationship.

The first relationship of them is brotherhood. Richard was born in an Aboriginal family. He was later adopted by the McDonald’s family when he was 2 years old after his father passed away. In the meanwhile, Tom, who is the brother of Richard, was originally born in McDonald’s family and have a good brotherhood relationship with Richard because they both are staying under the same roof and studying in the same school. Every morning, Richard will walk together to school with his brother, Tom. Besides that, when Richard wanted to find his father’s burial ground, Tom insist to go along with his brother. It shows the concern of Tom towards his brother. This has proven that both of them have a strong brotherhood relationship.

The second relationship of them is friendship. Richard and Tom behave like a very good buddy. They often sit down on the grass beside the railway track every morning before they go to school. They always like to share their thoughts to each other like there’s no secret among them. Besides, They always play together and travel to Alice Spring together. Evidences above have show that they both are having a strong relationship.

Lastly, although both of them have different characteristic and personality, but they are still very closed to each other. Richard interested in studying history while Tom interested in photography. Richard attach a great importance to the things that he curious about, Example, when he found tjurunga in the attic, he wanted to find out more information about the tjurunga. While Tom is a...
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