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Topics: Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, Harcourt Hill Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Last summer I spend two extremely good weeks in Harcourt Hill Campus which is one of the three summer campuses of Oxford Brookes University. The place was extremely quiet and peaceful, it was in the top of a hill, all surrounded by amazing forests and quite big fields in whose we played football and lie on with all the friends we made from Italy, Morocco and Turkey that were very friendly and funny. The flat in which I lived during those two weeks was quite small but really cosy, there were five double rooms and five individual ones so in the flat were living fifteen people but anyone was from the same country so we must talk in English to understand the others. Every morning we used to get up quite early in the morning, have a shower, have breakfast and take three lessons of an hour. In the afternoons we used to go sightseeing in cities around there. At night we all used to do lots of campus activities like “ISIS got talent”, arts and craft, disco and sports depending on the day. Referring to the food, it was very tasteless, we all lived of “kit-Kats” and nutella!, I think it was the worst thing of the trip because we were all day hungry although they give us a “pack lunch” for lunchtime that consisted on... one “Twix” or “Kit-Kat”, a extremely tasteless sandwich and a bottle of water and we had to spend all day with only sweetmeats. Talking about the weather, It was sunny almost all days but it was quite chilly too, and I remember a day which was too windy that we couldn’t get on the London Eye, we were all so disappointed about that but when it seemed that things would be better because we were going to boating on the Thames, It all get worse, the captain of the boat told us we couldn’t get on the boat because there wasn’t enough water to sail so we had to return to the campus, we were all really tired and angry.
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