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Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Alex Clark
Mr. Wilkens
Am. Lit.
30 January 2013
Back To School
It’s the last day before summer break. Mr. Wilkens is preparing for his vacation. He has placed his personal Dell laptop, a couple Five-Star notebooks, and a variety of colored Bic’s in his Indiana Jones satchel. Watching this, Alex sees his opportunity, he takes a deep breathe, calmly pushes himself out of the seat, stands up confidently, and begins his noble journey towards the teacher. In the voice of an angel, Mr. Clark politely asks if he can be excused to the little boy’s room. As he entered the laboratory and prepared to release his bowels, a combination of the school’s fluorescent lighting and the rippling noise created from the iron and denim of his jeans, chief black hawk came and spoke to Alex. Not really, but he just had an epiphany. All year, with Mr. Wilkens bright-beaming-Mary-Poppins-Attitude, the classroom was a magical place, like a Disney land vacation. He inspired Alex to become a teacher. He has taught Alex so many beautiful life lessons; and it is his turn to pass them down to the younger generation. It is a quest that can only be completed at Kansas University.

The University of Kansas is more than just one of the most prestigious public schools in the nation. It has arguably the best college basketball program in history; which is accompanied with a deep fan base and a rich history. This always makes games an option for a great time. There are also numerous clubs/organizations that students can join; with the proper dedication students can even start their own. With forty-eight nationally ranked programs it’s never too late to declare a major. The campus is beautiful, buildings sit peacefully on top of hills, trees of all shape and sizes stretch over the sidewalk, and hug around buildings. Squirrels leap from braches as they delicately drop nuts over walking students, and the breathtaking views that can be seen anywhere on campus, all make KU simply enjoyable....
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