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We, the Filipino working people, have this day voluntary associated ourselves for the purpose of performing a Rural Workers Association under the laws of the Philippines more particularly President Decree No. 1367 and Proclamation No. 1852. ARTICLE I – NAME AND DOMICILE

SECTION 1. This Association shall be known as the Malayang Magsasaka ng Brgy. Miasong (MMBM), herein referred to as the association. SETION 2. The Principal address of the association shall be at Miasong Tupi, South Cotabato. ARTICLE II – DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES

The association has for its objectives the following:
1. To practice sustainable, natural and organic farming practices with emphasize on environmental protection. 2. To uplift the living condition and life of its members in accordance with the conditions of the National Government Plans; 3. To enhance and defend the interest of its member for their mutual aid and protection. 4. To own and dispose property, real or personal for the use and benefits of the entire membership and the Association. 5. To design and undertake all activities for the benefits and welfare of its member and the Association, including housing, another projects not contrary to laws; and; 6. To coordinate and collaborate with proper government agencies and other rural Workers Association for certain lawful undertaking.

SECTION 1. The are of the Association shall be at __________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________. ARTICLE IV - MEMBERSHIP
SECTION 1. Qualification of Members. Members shall be open only to any person who have resided at least one (1) year successively at Miasong, Tupi South Cotabato; of Legal age, actually engaged in farming, are self employed and without clear cut employer-employee relationship. He may become member of the organization by...
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