Back to Basics of Breakdancing

Topics: Break, B-boying, Handstand Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Matt Nguyen
Art Leo
24th April, 2013
Back to the Basics of Break-Dancing
Ever seen crazy street performers or dancers doing extreme stunts? I was at all when I first saw it with my own eyes, the performers were doing backflips, head-spins, and held a one-handed handstand for quite some time. When I first began break dancing I would notice that a lot of individuals would try and learn too quickly. Most people would try to perform a stunt like a backflip within the first few weeks of beginning which is outrageous. To become a successful break dancer, strength must be improved, flexibility must be expanded, and there must be an impeccable amount of perseverance. Once these three things have been accomplished, it will be easier to perform a basic break dance move, the one handed hand stand hop.

First, when beginning to learn how to break-dance, there are a few tips I would like to address. Wear comfortable clothing to dance in, this usually consists of loose-fitted clothing. This allows the body to naturally move and allow freedom of movement. Avoid tight-fitted clothes because it may cause injury and execution of the moves will not look very ‘polished’, meaning it will not look as attractive than wearing loose-fitted clothes. Next, music is needed to begin dancing; the simple reason is that it is hard to feel the rhythm without any beat. Lastly, there must be a spacious area to dance. This is to prevent from running into any objects that may cause the risk of injury. Once these three requirements have been met, it will be simpler to learn without any distractions or tight clothing hugging your body.

Secondly, strength must be a priority in order to become a flashy dancer. Achieve this by starting a weight-training or start resistance-training program to become stronger. With weight-training it begins to build endurance and stamina for the body. Examples of weight-training exercises would include: bench press, parallel squats, and bicep curls....
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