Back Office Operations: Customer Letters of Complaints

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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(Back office operations)
The operations that are dealt with in the back office of travel agents include customer letters of complaints . Many different types of customers are dealt with in the travel and tourism Industry; therefore the complaints that are faced can vary. Customers can complain by written a letter , which is very common .letters should be dealt with by looking at the problem , solving it and relying to the customer and hopefully they are satisfied and will remain a customers . customers may also complain through spoken word which is the most common form of complaints. Spoken word complaints provide information on problems , which can be solved to ensure they don’t happen again . phone calls are also very common generally used for minor complaints . however if the complaints are handled optimistically and appropriately it can be an advantage to the company as it gives them a second chance to change things and put them right to satisfy the customer . complaints may include : Bad products or service : the service offered is very important because the quality of service may doubt the quality of the product . Waiting : customers hate waiting . so the more they wait , the more they are likely to complain . Being patronized : the tone of voice used by a member of staff is very important as the customer may take it in the wrong way , which , may lead into an unnecessary argument . Examples of situations , which may lead customers to complain : Time tine of a flight gas been changed at the last minute

The telephone line is constantly engaged and therefore not being able to get through . Hotel rooms not being prepared up to standards
Being served cold meals at the hotel.
Handling complaints
How to deal with a complaint step by step :
1) Listen to the customer
2) Thank the customer for telling you about the problem
3) Apologise for the inconvenience
4) Tell the customer that the problem will be dealt with immediately 5) Sympathise with the customer and put yourself in their situation 6) Don’t justify what led up to the complaint
7) Always ask questions to be clear
8) Find a solution
9) Make sure the customer agrees with the solution
10) Make sure that what you have agreed on with the customer has been done 11) In the future , try to foresee complaints before they happen Other operations also include administrations which are :

Up to date

Easy to use
The administration system cover:
Bookings for customers
Record keeping
Stock control
Handling cash payments
Invoices are also dealt with ; therefore a daily receipt summary will help keep track of cash takings . Payments accepted will go through the following stages :
1) Payment received
2) Receipts issued to customer
3) Entry made on daily cash summary sheet
4) Receipts and summary sheet reconciled
5) Bank paying –in slips completed
6) Money paid into bank account
7) Paying – in slips stamped by bank
Staff disciplinary also takes place in the back office where the manager will talk to each individual and give them a one to one on their service . this will include improvements in order to motivate staff . if staff are motivated they will be encouraged and more confident in themselves to sell and other food service for the company . Filing system

In a travel agency in order to find enquiries quickly for clients , tour operators or another principal a filing system is vital .some agencies use a manual filing system and others use a computerized filing system based on database software .filing systems can be arranged alphabetically , numerically or in date order . for example information on countries , office copies of brochures , timetables are filed alphabetically . numerical filing is used by some agencies for client`s bookings by giving them each a reference number . the most common filing system is date...
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