Bachelor in International Business and Management Studies

Topics: Investment, Sampling, Mutual fund Pages: 3 (672 words) Published: February 9, 2012
BBAis the stepping-stone to management career. In order to achieve practical, positive and concrete result, the classroom learning has to be effectively supplemented in relation to the situation existing outside the classroom for developing healthy managerial and administrative skills in a potential manager. It is necessary that the theoretical knowledge must be supplemented with exposure to the real environment. This Project provided me with an opportunity to do an in depth study of the recent trends in market and investors . Starting from consulting books, management journals, surfing internet for latest details, carrying out a research study and survey, at the end of this research dissertation I have gained a considerable understanding of the topic of my study- “A Comparative analysis of MUTUAL FUNDS & LIFE INSURANCE” A sincere effort has been made in the report to present my viewpoints on the project report and enough literature has been derived from various sources, which have been acknowledged in the Bibliography. Acknowledgment

It took great deal of help, tolerance and understanding on the part of a variety of people and organizations to prepare this project report. I would particularly thank to “BAXIS PATEL” as they provided me guide line and support during my project. To all the above and the many colleagues whose ideas and practice I adopted in the project I wish to express my warmest appreciation for their help and support along the way. Chapter 4

Main objective of conducting the survey is to know the public awareness regarding various investment option and their knowledge , attitude ,and preference towards arious investment

Sub objective

This study is conducted in order to find out:-
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