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Chapter 8: training method for employee orientation and diversity management Outline :
1.0 Objective
2.0 Introduction
3.0 Definition of training method and training
4.0 Training method
5.0 Meaning of employee orientation
6.0 Benefit of new employee orientation
7.0 Objective of orientation
8.0 Diversity management

1.0 Objective
After this lesson you shall be able to understand:
* Understand training method and training
* Knowing employee orientation
* Identifying diversity management

2.0 Introduction
We shall discuss for this chapter the main point of training method for employee orientation that will enhance to be able the managers to attract and retain for new skill staff, and introduction for employee all organization police and procedure that will guide the performance of that skill people, and also we explain as deeply the diversity management that is refers the strategy of anticipate to raise and maintain positive workplace environment. Author: “Dr. Tejinder Sharma” this author was explain the diversity management and he was based his idea to agree for his collogues, Dr. Sharma once time talk for this issue he believes The idea of this management style is to encourage employees to be comfortable with diversity in the workplace and develop an appreciation for differences in race, gender, background, sexual orientation or 3.0 Definition of training method and training

Training method Standard procedures or approaches designed to help individuals or groups acquire the skills needed for specific activities or functions. Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing a particular job”. Where another author’s writes “Training involves the development of skills that are usually necessary to perform a specific job. In simple terms, training refers to the imparting of specific skills, abilities and knowledge to an employee. 4.0 Training Methods

Most training takes place on the job. This can be attributed to the simplicity of such methods and their usually lower cost. However, on the job training can disrupt the workplace and result in an increase in errors as learning proceeds. In such cases off the job training methods are used. a) On the Job training: Popular training methods include job rotation and understudy assignments. Job rotation involves lateral transfers that enable employees to work at different jobs. Employees get to learn a wide variety of jobs and gain increased insight into the interdependency between jobs and a wider perspective on organizational activities. New employees frequently learn their jobs by understudying a seasoned veteran. On the job methods includes: • Orientation training

• Job-instruction training
• Apprentice training
• Internships and assistantships
• Job rotation
• Coaching
b) Off the job training: There are a number of off the job training methods that managers may want to make available to employees. • Lecture
• Special study
• Films
• Television
• Conference and discussion
5.0 Meaning of employee orientation
Orientation (sometimes called an induction) is the process of introducing new, inexperienced, and transferred workers to the organization, their supervisors, co-workers, work areas, and jobs, and sometimes to health and safety in general. Providing training and extra assistance during the initial period of employment is critical, regardless of the age of the employee, as they are not familiar with the job or the workplace. During this phase, each worker develops the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are necessary to work in a safe and healthy manner. While training (or refresher training) is always important, training should always be provided when employees are: * Transferred to jobs or work areas they are unfamiliar with * Returning from an extended period away from work

* Who are new to the work force
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