Bach Flower Remedies

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Bach Flower Remedies

Administering Bach Flower Remedies:
* If necessary put 2 drops straight from the bottle onto tongue. * If it isn’t an emergency just put 2 drops of each remedy in a small cup of water and drink at intervals. * Put a drop of the remedy (straight from the bottle) on your wrist, temples, or rub onto lips. *For convenience when taking several remedies at once, add two drops of each chosen remedy to an empty 30ml dropper bottle. Top off with mineral water, adding a teaspoonful of brandy or cider vinegar as a preservative if you wish. From this bottle, take four drops at least four times a day. * For Rescue Remedy (if necessary) put 4 drops straight from the bottle onto tongue: Or dilute the 4 drops in a cup of water and drink at intervals.

*Helps when in mental torment behind a brave face.
*Helps people who keep their troubles hidden under a mask of pleasure and happiness. * Agrimony helps anyone who is trying not to face a trouble and using jokes and witticisms and smiles to avoid a painful reality.

*Helps fears and worries of unknown origin.
*Helps cause of the fear cannot be named.
* Helps the Aspen fear can be no more than a sense of foreboding, an uneasy anxiety that something unpleasant or frightening is going to happen. * Helps vague unknown fears, for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. Yet the patient may be terrified of something terrible going to happen, he knows not what. These vague unexplainable fears may haunt by night or day. Sufferers often are afraid to tell their trouble to others.

*Beech helps intolerant people.
* people in a Beech state - are intolerant of people who are not just like them. They lack compassion and understanding of the different circumstances and different paths that other people are given, and fail to see that others too are working towards perfection but in different ways. * Beech intolerance is manifested as outbursts of irritability: the remedy helps to encourage tolerance and understanding, and as this happens so the irritability also fades.

*Helps people who are weak willed and subservient.
* Centaury is for people who find it difficult to say 'no' to other people. * People in need of Centaury are kind, gentle souls and like to be of help to others. But sometimes other more ruthless people will take advantage of this, and instead of willing service the Centaury ends up the slave of another's wishes. * Centaury supports the development of courage and self-determination so that Centaury people are better able to draw the line and make space where they can be themselves free of the desires and commands of others.

*Helps people who lack faith in their own judgement.
* Cerato is the remedy to give people in this state more faith in their judgment so that they can listen to their inner voices and trust their intuition. * Helps those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions. They constantly seek advice from others, and are often misguided.

Cherry Plum:
*Helps with fear of mind giving way.
*Helps with losing control.
*Helps fear that one is going to lose control of oneself and do something dreadful, which can include injuring others and suicide. *Helps with fears of going mad and acting irrationally.
* Helps with Fear of the mind being over-strained, of reason giving way, of doing fearful and dreaded things, not wished and known wrong, yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them.

Chestnut bud:
*Helps people who repeat the same mistakes.
*Helps people who fail to learn the lessons of life
*Helps people learn from the past and then move on to genuinely new experiences

*Helps people who are very mindful of the needs of others over-full of care for children, relatives,...
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